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Millions of individuals choose to go on vacation to Las Vegas each and every year and of course a great majority of these choose to stay in a Las Vegas motel rather than one of the pricier hotels. While the cost of the stay and the vacation is a lot cheaper when choosing a motel there are also many other reasons why a Las Vegas motel as opposed to a hotel is a great choice during your Vegas vacation.

The best place to begin your search for a Las Vegas motel is online. There are many bargains to be found online but you also have to check many different things too before rushing into booking a Las Vegas motel. You have to remember that when looking online many of the motel rooms are advertised without tax added on. This means that you will not be paying the price that is advertised, you will also have to add tax onto this and this will boost the cost up of your Las Vegas motel room considerably.

When considering your Las Vegas motel bookings you also have to take into account the time of the year you are going to Vegas. For example if you choose to book into a motel Friday through to Sunday then you will pay more per night than had you chosen to book into the motel during the week. You also need to take into account that holidays will also cost you more per night for you stay in a Las Vegas motel than off peak periods. Some of the times that are considered to be peak are Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Therefore unless you really have too, avoid these peak periods if you wish to make savings on booking into a Las Vegas motel.

The closer the motel is to the strip then of course the more the Las Vegas motel room will cost. Therefore if you choose a motel that is out of the way while at the same time being within easy distance of the many amenities in Vegas, you will be able to save money. At the same time you also have to take into account that if you go way out of Vegas you will have to spend money on car rental. Car rental can be very expensive so when you have factored this into the cost of going out of the way to save money then you might as well have paid out a little extra in the first place.

Choosing a Las Vegas motel over a hotel has many things in its favor. For instance if you like to take your pets with you on vacation then you are usually made more welcome at one of the Las Vegas motels than you are in a hotel. Many motels have their own grounds where you can walk your dog and motels are usually more lenient about where you can go and cannot go. Children often feel more at home in a motel room than they do in one of the big named hotels. Many big named hotels in Vegas are very choosy where children are allowed to wander, especially if the hotel doubles as a casino.

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